High Mountian Gold

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Well Lucky and I made it out today for a couple of hours up in the high country. We were able to run into a little spot with some gold in the ground. Both of us were running 12x15 commander coils and they where punching deep today. I dug a .7dwt nugget that was about 12-13 inches deep. Kind of a funny target, it would only give me a signal swinging the coil left to right. The signal was really more like a pause in my threshold. After I dug down about 6 inches was it starting to give me a good signal. After popping it out of the hole it was banging thougt it was going to be bigger but I was happy. I had to have Rick come over to see the hole he couldn't believe it either. Those Commander 12x15 mono coils have depth and sensitivty like you wouldn't believe I just love that thing. I was able to pull out 4 nuggets for a total weight of 1.7dwt and Rick got the skunk off his back with a nice .3dwt nugget. He had a problem with his detector setting but I will let him tell you that one.

So if you ever wonder why there are a million boot tacks everywhere, here ya go. Rick and I found a couple of these laying around and there was a ton of boot tacks in them, I mean just a ridiculous amount of them. Those old timers didn't mess around when it came to there boots. Pretty funny thought I would share it with everyone. Anyways hope you all are finding gold too!



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Boy was it chilly this morning! But after a few trash targets my sweater was off. Yep, I hunted all morning in the wrong setting for this patch. I finally figured it out (no-gold/setting) and five minutes later, I popped my skunk buster! By that time, I was beat and looking forward to some coffee back at home. Good hunting NuggetSlayer...Until our Next Hunt!


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I have found several of those boot soles down here in the so cal deserts full of tacks, damn near covering every bit of the sole leather.

Also found a few soles with sheet metal on the bottom, bent up around the edges and tacked on.

What gets me is how the hell they got around without falling on their ass all the time. The area I found the sheet metal soles was made up of nothing but rock with a little bit of sand in the gullies.

I have a hard time keeping my footing with nice grippy rubber soles.

At times like that it reminds me of how hard-core the prospectors/miners were....


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