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Hi All,

Since this is the place to get good, solid advice, I'll ask. Those of you that have the SD2200V2, is there a good setting to hunt in besides what is recommended by the factory?

I live in Colorado which isn't well known for nuggets like LuckLindy, NuggetSlayer, Rob, Uncle Ron and others have shown in their posts. It's pretty much flour & fine, with the occasional picker, plus the ground isn't as mineralized like Arizona. Not having a 4x4 or a vehicle I'm not afraid of getting scratched, marred, or dinged up, I'm pretty limited on where I can go. However, there are dredge and tailing piles in the gold belt areas of the state, and getting permission to hunt them isn't all that hard to obtain. I also have a couple of GB2's in my arsenal, but want to get more familiar with the Minelab. I'm getting it modded to accept a Gold Button on a straight shaft.

Additionaly, if anyone has or knows someone that has a Coiltek 14" DD Pro Elite in pretty good shape, and is willing to sell it for a reasonalble price, let me know as I understand that is a good coil for my machine.

Any and all comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Grubstake and I seem to be running the same. But I use "N" instead of deep. Also using a Coiltek Goldstalker 14x9 mono and a 10x5 Joey mono and I still use the stock DD coil. I have hunted with COLORADO BOB and he was using the stock DD. You might want to look into the Pocket Rocket System and Gold Screamer Amplifier.

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Also more on DD coils for your SD2200. CT made a 24x12" DD Big Red, both CT and NF made a 17x11" DD, and NF made a 14x9" DD. CT has the 14" Pro Elite DD, 10x5", 18", and 27x21", and 24" DD. NF has the 14", 16", 18", and 20" DD's. Minelab Commander has a 10x5", 15x12" and 18" DD coils.

Like someone else just said, get a Coiltek Pocket Rocket (lightweight Li-Ion battery)System and a Sound Amplifier, also add a control box cover.

Coose the SD 2200v2 over the SD 2100v2 because for the small amount of price difference the 2200 offers automatic tuning, automatic ground balancing, iron discrimination, plus tone control and audio boost, all features the SD 2100v2 lacks.

Minelab SD 2200v2 Gold Nugget Detector


6V 12 Ah Gel Cell (10-12 hours)

Rear Panel Controls (end battery connects to)

Power - The Power switch controls the power supply from the battery to the control box. Always switch the detector “Off†before connecting or disconnecting the coil or battery, and when not in use.

Channel (Ch1, Ch2, Both) - The Channel switch selects the channel used for searching: Ch1, Ch2 or Both. Searching is usually done in the Both position which gives the maximum sensitivity to the greatest range of targets. When detecting in highly noisy ground, the selection of Ch1 rather than Both might improve the stability of the threshold. However, sensitivity to certain types of targets is reduced when using only Ch1 and is not recommended for normal searching.

Threshold - The Threshold knob is used to adjust the loudness of background sound. Minelab recommends a soft audible headphone signal which is comfortable to listen to for extended periods.

Audio (Shallow, N, Deep) - The Audio switch can be used to enhance the signals produced by different types of targets. In the Shallow position, signals from small targets close to the surface of the ground will be amplified, allowing easier detection of such targets. This option is best suited for quiet ground.

For Normal detecting conditions use the N position which responds to all signals without boosting.

The Deep position is recommended when looking for big targets at greater depth in noisy ground. In this mode random soil signals are smoothed, making small changes in the audio signal from large deep targets easier to hear. It may, however, mask some signals from very small targets near the surface.

Tune - The Tune button is used to lower the effects of electromagnetic interference from sources such as power lines, radio transmitters and other metal detectors. The Tune control is engaged by pressing the push button switch. If electromagnetic interference is experienced when using the detector, simply press the Tune button once to automatically select the best detection frequency.

Tone - The Tone knob can be adjusted to suit an individuals hearing by changing the pitch of the background threshold tone.

Front Panel Controls (end coil connects to)

Balance Mode (Fixed or Tracking) - To get the best from your SD2200v2, it is important to know how different ground conditions affect the detecting process. Ground contains not only sand, but also many different chemicals, minerals and salts. These extra components are referred to as ground mineralization. This ground mineralization will often produce a sound from the detector, known as “ground noiseâ€. The SD2200v2 has the ability to cancel out the effects of ground mineralization so that it minimizes ground noise, while retaining maximum sensitivity to metal targets. Cancelling out the effects of ground mineralization is referred to as “ground balancingâ€. This ensures that welcome signals from objects such as gold are not confused with unwelcome ground noise. The SD2200v2 has automatic ground balance which adjusts to minimize the effects of ground mineralization when set in Tracking mode.

Iron Discrimination (Disc, All Metal, Disc + ID) - This switch allows you to select between simple discrimination (Disc mode) and discrimination with tone identification (Disc + ID mode), or to turn off the discrimination altogether (All Metal mode). In the case of All Metal mode, the detector will give varying volume and pitch signals but this information does not indicate the type of metal in the object found. In Disc mode, a strong signal from a ferrous (iron) object will cause the threshold to be ‘blanked’ or silenced. In Disc + ID mode, a strong signal from a ferrous object will cause the threshold to be ‘blanked’, just as it does in Disc mode. In addition, a signal of medium strength will trigger the ID mode. In this mode, non-ferrous objects usually produce a tone with a steady pitch while a ferrous object will usually produce a tone with a varying pitch. Repeated sweeps across the target might be required to confirm whether the tone is steady or varying. Note, however, in this mode some non-ferrous objects can also produce a tone with varying pitch, making the operator more likely to mistake a non-ferrous object for a ferrous object. This mode of discrimination should not be trusted until the operator has sufficient experience with listening to the tones produced and comparing them with the objects detected. If the signals are too weak for accurate discrimination in either of the discriminating modes, the detector will return to the All Metal mode signal. While in the Disc + ID mode, a signal which is too strong to be discriminated will produce a rapidly pulsing signal with constant pitch. This is called an overload signal. A target producing this sound should not be interpreted as being a ferrous target but be investigated.

Level Adjust - The discrimination Level Adjust knob gives the operator the ability to select the sensitivity and likelihood of a target being ferrous or non-ferrous. The same control also affects how the detector recognizes mineral effects in the ground as opposed to metal targets, when (in)ground tracking.

Recommended Settings for Beginners - Channel to Both, Threshold barely audible, Audio to N (Normal), Tone to whatever suits the ear, Iron Discrimination to All Metal. Run Balance Mode in Tracking over representative ground that contains no trash for a couple minutes, then switch to Fixed(Recommended to "search" in Fixed.). The Level Adjust has no effect with both the Tracking off and Discrimination off. If you activate Iron Discrimination, turning Level Adjust to the left will lessen the discrimination effect. You will dig more trash, but have less chance of gold being misidentified as iron. Turning Level Adjust to the right (clockwise) will eliminate more trash, with greater risk of gold being misidentified as iron.

>>If Balance Mode is set to Tracking, turning Level Adjust to the left makes the ground tracking more aggressive for highly variable mineralization, but at more risk of tuning out gold. >>Turning Level Adjust to the right (clockwise) will make the ground balancing less aggressive, with less risk of gold being tracked out, but more ground noise may be introduced.

Since the two functions of the Level Adjust tend to work against each other, it is recommended you use either Tracking or Iron Discrimination, but not both at the same time. That way the control will only have one function depending on what you have activated, and adjusting it will make more sense. If you must run both Iron Discrimination and Ground Tracking at the same time, set Level Adjust at 12 o'clock.



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Hey Grubstake, You mainly use all metal mode, yet you say that you control the "level adjust" why? I was under the impression that that "level adjust " was only for when using disc mode....

H2O...I generally run the same settings as above . I will without hesitation run in deep audio & switch to Chanel 2 or any combination of those settings in mild ground. I dont like to hear the threshold so I keep it just to barely audible if at all. That should be around the 1 o`clock area.

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Well yes the level ajust does have to do with Discm. But it also effects how your detector groundbalances too at start up and when you have use tracking. JP talks about the level ajust in his first DVD, how it also effects the ground balnce and when you track. This ground is very mineralised and I have the button handle on my 2200sd, and use it offten, during the day. Even though I'm running in Fixed. Grubstake

Another thing that was once quoted to me by DOC and a few other when I first started with the Minelabs about 12 years ago, was run DEEEP< you will get the deep ones and won't miss the shallow ones. So far, its been right on. Now I'm running a 4000 and my settings for it are, Sencitive smooth, deep on the front, audio around max, and threshold down so I can just hear it, Sweep in slow or sometimes medium. Gain up around 11 sometimes though I have to back it down to around 8. Running a 17 inch Goldstalker mono, and its smooth as butter on a hot grill.

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Hey Grubstake, Thanks for the reply. I actually located my manual to read up on this ... I`m the first one to admit if I didnt know something and this was certainly an eye opener. It seems however that there is not a significant enough difference in the adjustment to have caused me to loose gold. Like you, I only track with the button to ground balance. I will start experimenting with the level adjust from here on out while in tracking. Hopefully it will give me a little more edge when adjusted properly... I like my detector more and more all the time.... B)

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You will find, that the setting is not set in stone, each detector seems to have a place where the level ajust works best, on my uncles, its about the 11 o'clock setting, on the 2200 I was using it was more toward the 1:00 o'clock setting, So I would say somewhere in between 11 and 1 o'clock works best for most 2200's. One thing about the forums, is that you can always learn, everyone, me included. I learn something new each day. Take care Find lots of the good stuff. Grubstake

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Hey Grub, why do you run your gain so low? When I run mine in the sensitive smooth it seems I can almost max my gain at 15 and runs really smooth. I have been running mine in exta this winter and haven't had to run my gain under 12, but I think your ground might be a little hotter up in your neck of the woods. Oh to be able to run my gain a little higher I switch from slow to very slow and that will quiet it down a good amount (thanks Montana!)

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Yep Nuggetslayer, I have tried mine several different ways, the ground is so hot up here, if you put a magnet down, it looks like a fur ball. most of the gold here is in clay, dark red clay, lots and lots of Iron in it. I had Rob and dennis up here a couple of years ago, I told Rob to bring a DD, mono's were hard to work with. Well after about a half hour, Rob came over and said :Hey Gary you got a DD coil I can use? He only had a mono. I detected up at ReDDing, and the soil up there is not even close to being as hot as this is here. Or The desert, I can run monos on my 2200 either of those places no problem, not so here. But the 4000 shines with a mono on it here. Grubstake

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Thanks Grubsteak,

I put my Level Adjust at 11 o'clock.

I also installed a Gold Button(GBX model) lately(hard to figure and find out where to "clip on" those wires and also I was affraid of wrecking my metal detector's wires, but I finally got it). There is 2 models, I got the one(GBX) with, click down for Tracking--click up for Fixed, not the one with a momentary Tracking mode.

The GBX model which is shown here is a two position button. Once installed the GBX will allow the Fixed/Tracking switch on the metal detector to be placed in the Fixed position. When the button is clicked up the detector is in the Fixed mode. Click the button down and the detector is in Tracking mode (Down = Tracking, Up = Fixed).

Do you leave the toggle switch on the metal detector in Tracking or Fixed when using the Gold Button? Here above it says to leave it in Fixed. Thank you for any help.

P.S. One good tip I was given directly from the inventor of the Gold Button on the phone before I bought mine was to mark directly on the button with a permanent pen(ink or very fine felt pen). I ran a ball point pen around in a circle around the button in both the UP and DOWN position. Then in the UP postition fill it all in between the lines with a fine tipped felt pen or nail polish. Then a person can see when you are in UP in Fixed>the colored portion will show. In DOWN-Tracking>the colored portion will be almost hid. I hope you understand. It works well.

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Goldstone, leave your switch in Fixed, when first starting up the detector, hit the tune button, after the three beeps, hold it tracking button down and pump the coil close to the ground as you can until it tracks, put you coil on the ground then and release the tracking button. Then you will be hunting in fixed, until you feel it needs to be re-ground balanced again. You'll be good to go. I find my self hitting the tracking button offten, because the ground changes alot up here. and it never hurts to make sure you in perfect ground balance. Grubstake

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  • Admin

Hello H20,

Everyone has given some good suggestions on settings and add-ons for the SD2200 or SD2200v2.

I would recommend for added performance -

(1) Pocket Rocket System (run in 7.3v mode)

(2) Goldscreamer Signal Enhancer

(3) Monoloop Searchcoil (better depth and sensitivity)

(4) Goldbutton (helps with quick ground balance on the fly)

(5) Potential mods from Ismael in Australia

All of the above will help with overall performance and stability. I carry all but the Ismael mods.

P.S. Added tips, keep the coil close to the ground, overlap sweeps, pay attention to faint targets and give her hell! :D

Wishing you the best,

Rob Allison

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