nature's birthday present!

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What caught your eye Sledge??

How bout some better pictures...

I was detecting a small drainage and it was off to the side, I bumped it with my foot and saw some color... It's all over it. It was just one rock a little under a square foot and I started busting it into smaller pieces to fit it in the dolley. I will get some better pics along the way though... Sorry I was excited and only had the cell phone handy.


If there is substantially more like that there, and the area is claimable, AND available, CLAIM IT!!!!

Nice gold.


Thanks Greg, it's in a remote area on my friends property. They already have the mineral rights but we worked out a deal..... And I hope there is A LOT more there! HA! Luckily nobody has been there prospecting in about 100 years... That we know of anyway....

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Well, you sure got a nice Christmas present!!!!


YES SIR! Couldn't have asked for anything better. I've only been detecting for 3-4 months on weekends and didn't expect to ever get such a big find... I was thinkin more a long the lines of a few grams here and there and would have been thankful for that! I got so used to finding bullets and nails I kinda got used to coming up empty at the end of the day. Lots of good exercise though!

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