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Hi everybody. My name is Jesse and I'm from Reno, NV. I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all. I really enjoyed dredging until it was banned. So I figured metal detecting would be a good way to spend my extra time looking for gold. I purchased a 4500 from Rob and I'm really excited to use it. Maybe if there are any guys from Northern California or Nevada who'd like to get together and detect (if you don't mind a newbie tagging along) I'd love to join you.


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Hello Jesse,

Welcome to the forums! :D You will find this forum to be very informative and the members are great people. I love to dredge myself, so I'm glad Arizona hasn't gotten a ban yet. With all this water we just received pretty much all the major drainages in Arizona are running. I'm looking forward to dredging some spots once the muddy water calms down.

Thanks for the GPX-4500 purchase. You're going to love this detector once you get it.

Hope to see you posting more on the forum.

Rob Allison

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Hey Jesse,

I also live in Reno and been metal detecting for a few years. I had a minelab 4000 and sold it to get a GPX 4500. When I get mine I will be getting out. So if you want email me and maybe we can hook up. number1elkbowhunter@gmail.com


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Hi Grubstake,

Thanks for the welcome. Any information and advice I can gather from the forum is as good as gold to me. I love seeing all the pictures and reports from the seasoned prospectors. I look forward to being a member of this great forum, thanks again.


Hi Rob,

Saturday afternoon I was really bummed about the bad weather. We got about 20" of snow where we live, just north of Reno. This morning I was looking at the AZO forum and read about a guy who just returned from the Rye Patch area. He said it didn't get much snow. So hopefully the weather will hold out in that area until I get there. We'll post back when I return.

Thanks again for the excellent package deal.


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