This is just too good not to share for right wingers

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Now as a life-long Republican and a true believer in shotguns, rifles, 4x4's and Hank Jr. I don't think I'll vote straight party lines from watching a U-Tube Commercial. I don't care what party a person is from as long as they "talk the talk and walk the walk". Now I don't see any party fixing this countries problems in four years or one year or even one term or six terms. I don't need a history lesson, am looking forward to better-times in the future. Vote Gold Party!


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Fantastic Doc

Im with you all the way on this one. We need to see a whole lot more videos like this one. Im 68 years old now and have never seen this Country go down as far as it has here lately. I cant tell you how much I dislike this present leader that we find ourselves with. You know there is a big difference between having charector and being one. I love the tea party movement thats sweeping across our Nation and am proud to say so. Id like to see the honest people of our Country stand up and take it back. Mabey its time to show them what TAR AND FEATHERS look like again. Mabey that would shake some of them into reality. Nugget Man

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Very Nice Doc, thanks...

Only sheep vote party line at every election. USA is stronger when we vote the issue and vote the best candidate reguardless of party. It's getting confusing out there. We had a Dem Governor who kicked Jimmy Carter out of our State and told him to stop telling lies and never return. I have a Dem Senator today who is a Life Member of NRA. Tea Party folks are made up of ex-Dems ex-GOP and independants... why? Simply because progressives (socialists) have gotten into leadership of both parties. RNC is in trouble and Mr. Steele is trying to get them to wake-up smell the coffee and see that a paradigm shift is needed. Say what... IMO the RNC is seeing that we have a two party system with BOTH parties now being left of Constitutional center. That's why the Tea Party folks are awake. We need a good party to the right of center and a good party to the left of center. Ya can't move center as that's the Constitutional balance point in our Republic.

God Bless America...

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