Beach hunting with a 2100

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Wife wants to head for the beach tommorow and after the rains there has been quite a bit of beach erosion so I figured I might take my old 2100 out there and give it a try (too chicken to bring my 4500 that close to water).

Anyone have any luck with it. I tried a few years back with a VLF and had a hell of a time in the wet sand.

Should I bring a DD or will a mono be alright - say a 14"round.

Maybe find some nuggets.......... melted down into a ring shape. :blush:

Dig Deep.

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Hi DigDeep,

Have fun, I was just out in San Diego a bit ago, brought my GP3000 and helped clean up your beaches since Gov. terminator is low on cash I won't send a bill for my services :lol: . Found everything but nuggets in the shape of rings. I also brought my VLF detector, got down to the beach and holy cow the black sand set it off like a screaming banchi. I gave up using the VLF. Ran into another guy that was swinging a coil. He had a Gp 3500 and found 3 rings & 1 necklace that day. Take your 2100 and have fun even if you don't find any doughnut shaped nuggets. Good luck & watch your back - Frosty

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