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Between the last batch of storms we had a brake on Saturday.

Our outing produced a couple other treasures besides gold,the square nail is six inches long, that's the biggest I have come across.The candle holder well, I've wanted to find one for a long time. Will post the gold picks later. Lots of luck on your

next hunt. Chuck


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Great looking candle holder. I found a big pile of them big square nails, it was like the old-timer drop a box of them and left them there. Let's see that gold.


OK RICK , Here are the picks of the last hunt.

Hay JOE , When are you going to bring that TDI to the rock pile,it's been almost a year since I saw you.





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  • Admin

Hey Kid,

Nice looking specimens you found there. I can remember the days when I used to rake down mine dumps and find specimens of various sizes. One dump yeilded kilos of specimen gold. I still know a couple of these dumps that still have good potential, just haven't been back to rake them out.

Thanks for sharing.

Rob Allison

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