Awesome Gold Basin weather

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Finally got out to do some prospecting, it's been a month since my last trip! The weather was awesome 70 degrees! A blessing to be out and about. Got skunked, but that part of the game. The SD went off on a rock...took it home under the stereo microscope and it had some copper ore in it...Guido


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Guido: Just spent 10 minutes looking at that photo--is there anything in the desert that DOESN'T have spines or fangs?

An old saying in the desert...Everything out there will either sting you, scratch you, or bite you! Walking in it can slow you down sometime, but once you know how to walk around it you really dont mind anymore. The meanest plant ever made by God is the "Teddy-Bear Cholla" or also called "Jumping Cholla"...Picture enclosed...If you have no knowledge or respect of this little cuddly me...YOU WILL! Anyone here in the southwestern desert know how this desert plant can wreck your day! And; I am very sure many people on the forum here in the desert have a tale or two about the Jumping Cholla! Prospectors or anyone else in the desert have a run-in with it sooner or later. The branches of it are really bulbs or segments connected end to end to each other and can break off easy with contact and the cactus needles are barbed or fish hooked. You can walk around theses guys and you swear the bulbs jumped on to your boot, pants or arm! I carry Leather-man knife/pliers so I can pull the needles out of my flesh if I get careless or not paying attention. Some people see into the desert and say they dont see anything, but if you are in the desert and look around carefully you would be amazed how life can be so tenacious, romantic and hazardous! Guido


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I had to pull a bunch of those spikes from a friends ankle once...I warned him about the cholla but did he listen? NO!!! they don't pull easy...

Another thing about the spikes is they will work through a soft boot sole, if you don't get them out...


Fred whats up...Man your right about the needles making there way threw your boots sole! I could not believe it when it happen to me! I remember Crocodile Man did a show in Arizona and one of the bulbs of the Cholla got stuck on the cameraman's boot above the tip of his toes and he was trying to show the camera how the bulb was sticking to him by trying to kick it off and eventually the bulb flew off his boot and your hear this this AAAwrrr and the next scene you see the Crocodile Man with that very same bulb stuck into his forehead! For the ones that never seen a Cholla up close and personal check the following link...he does a good job explaining the hazards of this plant!

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GUIDO Hate bringing up old news but got this from my brother in law down in Phoenix and thought you might get a kick out of this. That has got to be a new kind of pain threshold.

Hello Dirty Ike...What a painful picture! When I see a field of these plants in the desert I cringe! I consider it a minefield! Hell of a photo...Guido

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