Prospector Wanted in Ohio

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I just got a telephone call from Deputy Peeples, at the Holmes County Ohio Sheriff’s Department The Deputy is looking for a fugitive on a felony warrant who is reported to be, “trying his luck as a gold prospector in Arizona.â€

This request is personal for me. This guy is wanted for not paying child support. I wouldn’t try to help the law if this guy had not run. I have been a “Dead Broke Dad,†but I never ran. I’ll be paying off my arrears for many years to come, but I never ran.

If you want to help: Fugitive’s Name is - Doug Napier, 59-Cauc-6’2â€-230lbs.-BRN hair-Hazel eyes: May be traveling with a “Johnâ€

Call Deputy Peeples 1-800-674-5937 with any info. Thanks - Terry

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Yeh, Calf. is one of the stupid state, they will take your drivers lic. for not paying. How can someone Make a living without a drivers lic. I think thats just plain dumb.

On another note, years back when I managed Bagby, a camp ground on the Merced river, We had a couple{man and Wife} from Iowa that stayed and camped and prospected all year, even winter, Funny thing, everytime some one new would come into the camp ground, they would head up stream, where you couldn"t drive. They were there for 3 years. Come to find out they were both Child molesters, and the son of an Iowa preacher. They molested there own kids, and ran a day care, and molested many others. Well the short of a long story is they wrote some hot checks to pay there rent, kept giving excuse's why they didn't have the money, but it was coming. They owed two months back rent when we had to call the local sheriff to get them out. They left, and two night later we featured on America's Most Wanted. I knew where they had gone, and told the sheriff, they were stoped and arrested later that night. Taken back to Iowa to stand trial. The guy was given 108 years, the woman was given 125 years. Seems they were drugging the kids and molesting them, his preacher dad would send them money by western Union. But they will be along time getting out. if ever. I hate child molesters!. And would turn one in in a heart beat. Why? because I have lots of grandkids my self, and would kill someone if they ever did that to them. Grubstake

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