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Hello All,

I was going to head down to the GPAA Phoenix Gold show this weekend, but a couple of customers said it was a real bummer compared to last year. They said the turnout was much less and many vendors that were present last year (including me) were not there this year. I still would of liked to check it out, or even be there, but I was able to make a great business deal this weekend that made it well worth missing.

I misss being on the other end of the booth, so maybe I should have at least checked it out.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Gosh Rob... I'm sorry to hear that the GPAA Phoenix show was not up to par. In the past there has been a "planted" coin hunt by the Federation at the Phoenix show; however, I understand there wasn't one this year.

Also, at this point I understand there may not be one at the upcoming LV GPAA show in April.

At the past Lancaster Show there were a good showing of "treasure hunters." However, this year the AMDA did

not put on a planted hunt as they have in the past.

Actually, my point is: the planted hunts bring in members who also attend the various gold shows and they are potentual buyers.

By the way... I hope is okay to say, there has been a recent surge in Vol 3. Mr. B. has just printed more.

My first reprint of Bulletin No. 208, Nevada South of the Fortieth Parallel and Adjacent Portions of California

has sold out and I only have one copy left. This is a quality reprint of one of J.H. Spurr's geological reconnassance's. It was based on LT. Wheelers survey.

You have bought all of my reprints of xxxx... and I'm currently working on re-printing another Bulletin. It will be a major effort by me and it has involved considerable research... I hope to be able to finish it.

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