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I'm new to the forum but I've been looking for gold in all it's forms since I found my first nugget on the Merced river in 1973. I've been hooked ever since. I've drywashed and suction dredged detected and dug all over the southwest. It's been discouraging at times but when those nuggets show themselves it makes it all worth it.

My bride Ruby and I spend our winters in Morristown and our summers traveling the southwest. We particularly like New Mexico, nice weather and good people who don't think digging holes in the earth is at all unusual. If you know of other areas like that feel free to share.

We, like most of you, have constantly asked the same question wherever we go. Where's the gold? You all know how tough that question can be. Those that know tend to keep it to themselves and those that don't can't imagine what you are talking about. Once some kind soul shows you where to go you still have to worry about tromping on someone else's claim.

Ruby and I think we came up with the way to answer that question and a lot more. We worked hard for the last two years and came up with something we call FootPrints. FootPrints are maps for prospectors made by prospectors. They show you where the claims are, where the mines are, and a lot more.

If you have an interest in prospecting maps you might want to check these out at MinerDiggins.

You can even buy one now on eBay Black Canyon FootPrint

or Little San Domingo FootPrint

And if you just can't even think about something new right now check out our free old stuff at Ripple

Ruby would be mighty pleased if you were to look over her mining blog while you are there- it's her first one so be nice ok?


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Hello Clay,

I finally got to meet Clay and his Wife yesterday. We spent a couple of hours catching up on things and talking about this new, awesome program they have developed. I must say, "Footprints" is one of the best, user friendly programs I have used. I'm not going to compare it to others (not fair), but this is the best I have seen. This program will be excellent for anyone searching for gold and wanting to know about the status of the claims in the area. Right now there are three Footprints, one of Little San Domingo, Vulture West and Black Canyon. I have dabbled a little bit with each program last night and was very excited. I now can do all my research from home and don't even need an internet connection to use this program. You can use this program anywhere you might have a PC or laptop. You can be out in the field and run this program along with a GPS.

I can't say enough about it besides I will be the one handling all the sales. Clay and his Wife have plans to cover a good portion of Arizona and hit Nevada, New Mexico and other Southwestern States.

I really encourage everyone to take a look at this program. I've been in claim research for many .... many years and have yet to see something like this. This is only the beginning, so we need customers to use them and give any type of feedback if they don't see something (I doubt they will).

I will post more on this, just too much to say about it.

If you have questions, feel free to post them here and we can talk about it.

P.S. Welcome to the forums!

Rob Allison

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Thanks for the warm welcome Rob! Ruby and I really enjoyed meeting you Friday. You are even nicer in person than in email.

We've gotten a huge response to FootPrints. There have been a lot of questions about the program, many people find it hard to believe that we managed to make maps that give prospectors what they need all in one program. If you don't mind I will use this opportunity to answer a few of the more common questions we have received. If any readers have other questions you can view the FAQ or contact us by pm or use one of the CONTACT forms on our site. Of course if you want to ask a question on the Nuggethunting forum I will be glad to answer it here.

A lot of people have asked if this is an online mapping program.

The very simple answer is no. We are prospectors. We often find ourselves far away from an internet connection (gold seems to hide from internet connections). We wanted a way to do our mapping and research in the goldfields while we were prospecting. FootPrints puts all the information you need to prospect an area in your computer. If you have a GPS you can even check your actual location and track on the maps as often as you wish. No connection required.

Many have questioned whether we are just taking stuff we got off the internet (public domain) and putting it on our maps.

Once again the answer is no. While some of the layers of our maps are publically available, many of our map features are unique to FootPrints. We have ortho rectified roads, waterways and mines to their actual location. Geology layers are geo rectified and added. Flow and wetness plots are derived and displayed in color. Much finer elevation contours are added. And of course the Placer and Lode claims boundaries are plotted and displayed. All of these features and more are unique to FootPrints.

Someone wondered if we are a company acting like we are prospectors. Some of you have dug holes and hauled buckets with us, you know it's just the two of us. Just like you we would rather be prospecting and just like you we needed a good map. Ruby and I are the creators of FootPrints. When you ask a question we are the ones answering that question. We are proud of the maps we've made, we hope other prospectors will find them as useful as we do.

In the picture I use as my avatar I am the old guy on the right. The guy on the left with the gold pan on his head is a good friend. We were prospecting at over 10,000 feet in the Brazos. The water was cold and the air was thin it had been a very long day. My buddy thought it was a good idea to wear his pan on his head. If you have ever prospected at that altitude you probably understand why he thought that was a good idea. That was a very good day.



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Hi nvchris,

Thanks for your interest.

We have found our FootPrints to be very useful. What areas are you interested in? We are working to release Gold Basin FootPrint by April and Rye Patch next fall. Do you have any other areas you would like to see in Nevada?

We don't have any plans for a trial version.

Rob handles all sales and distribution for FootPrints. Why not contact Rob and ask him what he can do for you.

We stand behind our program and we will back up Rob on any decision he makes.



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