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This is a two part question. Has anyone used a gold VLF to hunt for coins and relics? I ended up selling my GB2 and getting a GMT and thought I'd try it out on some old mining camp sites and maybe some local parks. I know it wont do what the coin machines do but thought if I turn down the gain and get the feel of what different things sound like I can probably do some discrimination myself, but most likely dig it all.

Second thing is can anyone from the area point to toward any old mining camps or sites along the N fork American or bear from colfax down to sacramento? I remember seeing a bunch of old foundations one the east side of Yankee Jims bridge above shirttail creek. I though that might be a decent place to try. Also the lower american, I read that places like rattlesnake bar were dotted with mining camps, tents and cabins. Anyone have any suggestions?

And of course I've been reading about all the outlaws of the day and how their caches of gold were buried and never found, like the mountaineer house right in that rattlesnake bar area...

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I'm using a GMT here in Kelsey on some old camps. Now that the ground is damp we started finding a little bit of everything including some gold. And pounds of square nails. My friend jack that's working the same area just called to rub it in he found a two plus penny weight nugget yesterday. I'm not sure if he was using his GMT or 3500 minelab.

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