Is this a possible meteorite impact area?

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It does not have any soil piled around it like it would

have if it had been dug by man or machine.

It is about 50 foot in diameter and about 20 foot deep on the

uphill side.

It really stood out when we first seen it from a distance of 2

or 3 hundred yards. Like nothing we had ever seen before.

It is on a south facing hillside and if it was a meteorite it

came in at about a 90 degree angle and I don't think there would

have been a "strewn field" like there would have been with flatter


We were on a big game hunt so we did not have a detector with us.

Weather will probably keep us out of the area until next year. It is rough

4 wheel drive country.

One of my hunting partners on the trip has many years of gold mining

and excavating experience and does not believe it is man made. Like

myself he does not have any experience with meteorites.

Any opinions from any of you guys with meteorite experience?



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