UPDATE on OUTING 10/25/10

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Well I made a scouting trip up to the Basin saturday to check out the roads and areas, they have had some very good rains there this past week ALL the washes have run, there is new ground exposed everywhere EXCELLENT for DETECTING.

I meet up with Bunk as he arrived and was setting up camp ahead of me. He was as excited as I to see the rains had hit there.

So to let you know the roads are freshly graded this weekend and its looking GOOD. I will mark the EASIEST route that allows trailers etc. into camp with signs on Tuesday the 26th my route will be fine as I am pulling a 5th wheel thru it.

Those of you who are NEW to Gold Basin beware it is OPEN RANGE there are cattle wandering so speeding down the roads can land you with a 400 pound hood ornament and injuries, take it easy on the dirt roads please.===========

AND I had the oppertunity to DETECT with my wife and a splitter on my headphones allowing her to walk along side me and hear my detector, ( trying to raise her interest in detecting ) and we came across an 17.8 gram meteorite at 6 inches, a 1999 D Dime out in the middle of nowhere, and of course a few pieces of lead 1 of which was a .44 that sounded SO sweet at first :wah2: thought I had a nice nugget.

Heres a pic of the signs and stakes you will have to look for guiding you into camp.

I'll be leaving Tuesday morning for the basin

So all is good and looking foward to the trip see yaall there.




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