Paid Back With a Skunk

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With the recent rains here in Northern California, Robin & I wanted to try our luck in a couple of local patches. The ground is perfect with new targets to dig in the moist dirt. I have a new 12x15 Commander Mono that needed to get dirty. I set up my trusty GPX 4000 with the new coil and off we went for a morning hunt. 3 hours later and 3 nuggets in my poke, I was starving and talked Robin into heading home for a bite to eat. She's had a rough month of detecting and came home with another skunk, maybe tomorrow I told her! Well this morning's hunt, I pointed to a part of the patch that has a ton of trash. I told her, if you want to get that skunk off your back there's some fat ones mixed in with all the trash. I was a quarter mile from her, when she found her Ghost/PacMan nugget and didn't need a radio to asked if it was a nice one. This hunt I went home with the skunk, but it's all good to see her smile with her new find. Until our next hunt!



Robin's find 3.6 dwt's


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Great fines Rick and Robin!!! Robin, I just wanted to know if you are going back for the other half of that nugget or did you need me to look for it for you? See you guys soon!! Rick

Way to go, Robin!!!!!

Nice ones!!


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