Gold basin lives up to its name

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What an awesome area.Thanks to Bunk and Frank C and all the others who added to the weekend.Everyone was so generous with their knowledge of the area.If you weren't able to attend this time, don't miss the next one. I was lucky enough to get my coil over the top of a couple small nuggets.I wanted to find a meteorite, but it will have to wait til the next trip.Had a BALL !!!


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Hey Dave,

Congrats on the Gold Basin finds. It's getting harder to find them in Gold Basin, but they are still out there. I gave Bunk some pointers on where some nice nuggets have been found in the past, not sure if any of you guys hunted with him.

Hopefully this might have been one of those spots.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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WOW, Where do I start! A good time was had by all and lots of nuggets were found, at least 20 that I know of including a few REAL nice ones. Meteorites too, I found my second, 116 grams! The weather was a little windy but we did have few real nice days, calm and warm temps. As allways, folks jumped in and helped out when and where needed. THANKS guys and gals!!

The coin hunt was a success although we did make some mistakes everyone went away happy. This was the first time Frank and I have ram rodded a big outing and we both learned a lot. The #1 prize, an X terra30, donated by Rob's Detector Sales, was won, by Mike C, congrats Mike!

I really want to thank all that donated prizes and effort to make this a really great outing!!

I will add more and pics later, I need to get the Mothership and the Great Pumpkin cleaned up and ready for the next adventure. Also, we had one winner of one of Uncle Rons gold maps that did not get on the list to be sent this map, if it was you, send me a PM and we will get that out to you.

Thanks a bunch to all that joined in on this adventure, we will do this again! I will add some pics soon.


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