Gold Valley Arizona

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I will be in Kingman, AZ this weekend and would like to do some detecting in the Gold Valley area. Does anyone have an suggestions as to where I might have a little luck (or a lot of luck!) I am a GPAA member, but have had limited success on their claims. I've been doing this for 20 years and haven't been to Arizona, so am excited to try my luck there. Any suggestions as to locations, names, latitude/longitude would be appreciated.


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BGB- I just got back to Kingman from Gold Basin.

I just verified by phone that Vegas GPAA is having their get together this weekend: Nov 5th on.

It's at Milepost 33 on Pierce Ferry Rd near Meadview (Bahde 17 & 18 in your GPAA claim guide).

I'm heading back out there Friday - there were several folks already camped out there today.

I'll PM you my number.

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