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I decided to make one more trip to desert before the winter hit us. I asked if Luckylundy wanted to come and he jumped on the invite and his wife Robin came with him. We took off on Friday and when we got there we set up camp for the weekend. Lucky and Robin took off to try there luck. It wasn’t a very good day for Lucky and myself. Robin found a little one and broke her skunk but not Lucky and myself. So we went back to camp and hoped the next day would bring us some good luck. We got up the next morning and headed out to try are luck again. At first nothing for awhile then I popped one out then another and another. It was getting good but no one else was getting any so I waved Lucky over and he called Robin to get in the action. I will let Luckylundy say the rest. It was a good day in the gold field for me that day. After I cleaned all 12 up they went 7.1 dwt. After cleaning up the little patch and a lot of exercise we headed back to camp for the night. We got up in the morning with it raining so we headed out before the big storms hit. Well it snow this morning so it was good to get out in time. Thanks to good friends it was a great trip for me and the gold is always a plus.

Back on the road, Road Dog




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That Nevada Desert is as tough work as any place to find gold. It requires a lot of hiking and swinging that coil, to find a patch of gold. I was working 3 hills over when Road Dog, was calling on the radio to come hit the patch he just found. By the time I got there he already had 7 nuggets in his poke, we re-turned our Minelabs for cross talk and started to work the new patch. It wasn't long before I hit a nice 2.2 dwt'er and Robin followed up at the head of the draw with a couple of dinks. We had a great time hunting with Road Dog, but the drive home was as a monster with heavy snow heading over Donner Summit. Thanks for the hunt Rick, we'll hit it next Spring! Until our next hunt...this week!



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