Swis gold

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Hi All

This is some gold I found in the upper rhein region in Switserland.

All gold was found, sluising, panning and sniping, dit not have the luck to find some with a metall detector.

Biggest nugget 10.6 gram.

Biggest nugget found in the upper rhein region was 123 grams [ not by me ]

Regarts from Holland

Gerrit/Users/gglezer/Documents/foto's pap/Goud.jpg


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Hi Skip

Some 10 years, in the hollyday's and some long weekends.

The local guy's, the good ones, find up to 1 pound in a long season, and this in a hand operation only

because you are not alout to use a dredge or a handwinch.

There stil is a great amount off gold in thoose hils butt very hard to get.

Lately i find gold the easy way, detecting the freshwater swimming waters off half off Europe, in a drysuit and a excalibur.

Regards from Holland


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