A 3 yr old finds gold with metal detector

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yeah, i saw that on the today show last week. said it was over 500 yrs old and vallued around 4 mil us dollars. you can see short video on today show website. was gonna post it other day but i dont know how to do all that. lucky kid. very nice find. wonder if they are searching the whole area as we speak. i sure would be hitting it with a minelab 5000 for sure lol.


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Ya, gube.

I did coin hunt Saturday with my GMT.

Recouped $8.05 on my $15 investment - got no grief contributing to the prize fund this time.

After hunt I and several others went back on field but I used my 5000 in Deep mode (which makes a coin sound like a pie plate).

Didn't take me 10 seconds to find a dime. Found another 17 dimes and 3 nickels over heavily-hunted territory, sometimes in holes that had already been dug.

So that 5000 will definitely pull up some targets :)

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