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Hi Patrick,

I've been in Yuma for a few days and was lucky enough to partner up with a SPMA member who guested me at Potholes and Cargo Muchacho mountains.

Their only site is CLICK HERE and it's not very responsive.

However, if you join their Yahoo group and go under Files and send in that member application $40 he said it's a fairly quick turnaround to get card and claims info.

More info from Gilaoro on GPAA forum:

Hi, Gilaoro here, I've been really busy and missed this posting but generaly everything is claimed up around yuma from the CA line to a ways past Tacna, at Tacna if you go any where N of the canals you will more than likley be on wilderness or canal co property and they are tough! everything S of the canals is blow sand. Over the pass or any of the Mts are all claimed by a consortium of politicians and a few indivual claims, Its a tough area for the prospector, if you go N out 95 you run into the Army and you won't have your car door open before they get to you. Over at the Potholes area on the CA side of the Colorado river you run into the BLM LTVA on Senators Wash, off limits and patroled! Cross out of the LTVA to the SW and you will find the Southwestern Prospectors and Miners Association having their annual Thanksgiving outing right across from an old house, you willl know when you are there by all the R/Vs and gold equiptment stop in and I am sure they will invite you to join in, find a fellow named Blakley Sanford, tell him I sent you and hello for me, I haven't saw him since I sold out in Baja in 05. Be careful on the CA side and don't get on the rez!

There is a small club in Yuma, you can get info from Jay Overlander at 928-342-0532, there is a waiting list and they take in new members in Jan so now is not to early.

Sorry i could not put you on a spot but its a tough area to prospect and being caught claim jumping is so embareasing, even if its accidental!! During the week check with the BLM office in person for open ground.


Lemme know when you're coming down, Patrick, and I'll give you any other info I've found out by then.

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As usual, I have no idea how long I'll be in the area.

Yuma is a nice-sized town for me. I'm looking to explore Kofa, more of the Cargo Muchachos and may look into getting on the Goldwater Bombing range although it sounds like that's some rough territory.

One big reason for coming down is it was 29 in Quartzsite and I read Yuma is the warmest place in AZ winter (thought that was the whole STATE?!? :o )

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