looking for new detector, need help!

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hi i have been looking to up grade to and new detcetor for the past month. my only problem is i can not figure out which one would be best for where i will be using it. this january i am going to nevada to hunt for gold and need a better detector to do so. i have been looking at the gold bug pro and the gold bug 2 but i dont know if one is better than the other or will detect deeper. any info will help!



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If you're going to be hunting in northern nevada and your price range is still 1200 I would still recommend looking for a used gp extreme, or a gp-3000. There are extremes and 3000's around for 1200 if you look around a bit. The wet ground in northern nevada in the winter time will make a vlf machine very noisy. Even the minelabs generate quite a bit of noise in the wet ground there. With the way this winter has started i would bet money the ground will be wet all winter just a few inches below the surface. If you really want one of the gold bugs I would recommend the bug 2. The gold bug pro works well enough but the bug 2 has proven itself many times and found me pounds of gold. If don't run into anything with a minelab and i'm not going to go home from nevada without a piece of gold i'll take the bug 2 out for a few hours just to get a small one to go home with.

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