One More Deep Nugget Before the Storm

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The Weatherman does try to give their best guess! They've been wrong most of the weekend, but it's coming down now pretty good now. There is a magical time period when our soil has just the right moisture. To much moisture and you get lots of false signals. I have a patch with deep nuggets and you don't have a chance at them in the Summer Months, the soil has to be wet to help your detector to recognize them. This morning Robin & I, hit this patch in search of a deep (larger) nugget(s). Now, when I hunt deep nuggets with my Minelab, I listen for strange sounds besides the classic sounds of a shallower nugget. These sounds can vary from a Wire like sound to a Warbled sound to just a change in the Threashold sound. Of course you have to detect very slow and rub your coil on the ground to really check these sounds out and dig a few inches to see if the noise increases. I recieved a change in the Threashold sound and circled it and it was a repeatable noisey spot. I dug down 3 inches, and the sound was better, now more of a Wire sound, but no-where near the target. 7 more inches down, I check the hole again. It was a pretty good target, but not screaming at me. So 3 more inches and the target was out of the hole and in my large pile of dirt and it was a booming target now. The nugget was a nice big flat as a Dime, 2.7 dwt'er. It must have been sitting on edge, cause if it was flat it would have been more of a classic sound. I know you oldtimers know these tricky nuggets and I love to dig those hard to hear ones, so checkout all those sounds, you never know! Until our next hunt.





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Hey Lucky,

You really know your machine and use it to its full extent! I allways feel like I have done something, when I find a deep one. Congrats on the nugget.


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