mono coils pooped out or what ?

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I have a gp3000 and 2 mono coils for it a 8" and 16"

when I am swinging the coil(s) I get a beep at the far end of the swing and I am staying level

so I played with the coil connection at the coil and it was quiet but at the end attached to the brain box when I wiggle the wire I get beeping every time going back and forth

I put the dd stock coil on and do not get the beep at the swing or wiggling the connection at the brain box

does this mean I have a short in both mono coils connections ( what are the odds of both shorting at that end) or is this common for mono coils

thanks for any help


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i have the gpx 5000, i have the same problem with my 12x15 mono. i think it might be because its pickin up small interference with the boot tacks on my boots.i get the same sounds when i wiggle at the control box also. i was out yesterday and my 11in mono doesnt do it as bad.but the bigger coil does sound like a faint target at the end of each swing, and does make lots of noise when i wiggle cord at box.hopefully someone knows whats wrong and can chime in boots dont affect the 11in mono or 11in dd coils at all.but im assuming it may be my problem.but not sure.


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