oregon info please

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hello all. is anyone here familiar with some oregon areas i could possibly beep and not get in any trouble.ill be going this weekend and visiting some family for few days.if anyone knows a place i might do some gd, let me know. or if anyone is in oregon and wouldnt mind gettin together and beepin for a day let me know.ill be stopping by my girlfriends families 25 acres in grass valley. its on flume gulch rd.has yr round creek runnin through it also.its been abandoned since her great grandpa passed.was her grandads dad.house falling down,old stuff here and there. might get lucky and find some old coins.so ill do some pannin to test the creek also..ill be in bend oregon, but will trave hr or so to do some detecting for a day while im there.any info will help.is there too much snow there to do any or will it be gd.ill take the 5000 gpx anyways just in case.ill be headin up friday and staying for few days.would love to try my detector out in some big gold area up there.ill consider all options.so jump on in fellas and give me some advice here.


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The weather in the Bend area, and around the area for about 100 miles, is questionable, at least for the next few days.

Be prepared for snow, have a dependable vehicle, don't take any short cuts as those short cuts will be CLOSED! Be sure to have adequate clothing, food, blankets, for everyone concerned, don't take a questionable vehicle, as it will FAIL you when you least need it... If you are not experienced with traveling in questionable conditions, meaning SNOW and lots of it, you may want to think about next summer, when the Bend area will be wonderful! Don't let family emotions over ride your making sensible choices right now.

For your help, here is a great link to snow cams, and other cameras along the high travel roads in Oregon. I depend on them when am considering a trip over the Oregon mountain passes.


The images are updated every 5 minutes or snow, and when you cannot see a picture, is is NIGHT TIME! :rolleyes:

In any case, be smart, have fun, and find lotsa gold when it is practical to do so!


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my sister lives in washington. so my family is all going to my aunts in bend oregon for get together with my sister.have eary xmas. i have a 2001 jeep wrangler and im very familiar with xtreme road conditions and deep snow. ive hunted most my life in crazy conditions.ill take your advice as its free and always good to get advice. ill be extemely careful.if its too bad ,i just wont get out.ill take the minelab in case though.thanks for the info and advice.


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Hey John,

These folks might be able to help you out...


Seem like a helpful bunch.


thanks bunk, lots of gd info there. ill check it out thoroughly.looks like i might be in luck with some of that info. just hope the weather clears up some and gives me a chance.after some reserch and talking with the moderator there bunk. looks like my gf property is sittin on an old achient river gravel deposit with real rich history.im definately excited to pan the creek for sampling and do some detecting on the land and hillsides.the good thing is, her family was already wealthy, so there wasnt any mining done on the property or in the creeks running through it.thanks for that website again. i may just get me something going there.


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