M/L 3500 Scores a 201.9 grammer

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Hey Frank,

That is a great find today. Back in the day many 100 - 300 Gram pieces were being found, but now it's pretty picked clean. If you get a 50 Gram piece you're doing well.

Was it near the surface or did you have to dig down for it?

On another note, I ran into a guy about 3 months ago living out of his van. He was trying to sell Gold Basin meteorites, so I thought I would stop and see what he had to offer. Low and behold, the guy had (3) 5-gallon buckets plum full of Gold Basins! He said he only wanted .40 cents if someone was willing to purchase them all. He said he was down in out on his luck and needed to move them. I told him I would be back around the same time the next day, but he was gone ... :(

Great find Frank, hope you continue to pick up more out there.

Rob Allison

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