need everyones advice

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hello all, my question to everyone is i have an uncle, he wants to get into detecting.since my dad stole my mxt and is hooked i dont have an extra.he wants to buy one for starting out. was leaning towards another used mxt so he can detect coins and gold,but he only has about 400 bucks to spare.hes a larger guy with heart probs and needs the exorcise, hes really interested, i took him to dessert other day with us and he enjoyed it.he cant detect the whole day as his health needs to go slow and easy. we were looking for an all around detector, or just a gold detector that will still beep with coins at park.we were looking at the garret scorpion goldstinger, they are about 325 bucks on ebay new.anyone ever use or know anything about them.he drives a truck and doesnt get much exercise, so he wants to start going with me on the weekends and get out.

what would be the best choice for a gold detector new or used under $400? any and all opinions are well appreciated.


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