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Hey Patrick,

Maybe the "new" Vulture Bait claim in LSD will entice you to visit us in Morristown? :rolleyes:

The Vulture Bait was originally claimed by the Massie's in 1987, the last assessment on the Massie claim was filed in 1995. The current Vulture Bait claim was filed in 2009, AMC397278 and was re-located by one of the original 2009 claimants in August of 2010 (the 2010 location is the same AMC# but only one filer). Like most (all?) GPAA "claims" it's actually leased from the original claimants. This one doesn't look too bad. It includes parts of Little San Domingo wash and Ox wash. Here is the link to view it in your LSD FootPrint.



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