GPPA Pomona CA Gold Show. January 22-23 2011

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Applevalleyjoe... Pedersen's Metal Detectors will have

a booth at the Pomona show and will have flyers and other information regarding the 2011 West Coasters Rendezvous.

Since it is their 25 Club anniversary, on Saturday from 10 to 11am one of the eleven hunts will be the Silver Bonanza Hunt... only silver coins will be in the field... there will be more on this posted on their thread.

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:) Howdy everyone... Mesa is now history... the vendors are now going to the Pomona show... It will be this weekend at the Fairplex... I plan to be in Pedersen's booth... I have nothing to sell; just comradeship and memories of old times now gone... Please stop by and say hello. Jim Straight

Now let me say.. Pedersen's Metal Detectors and JOBE will be carrying my last two books... Three Hours to Gold and ADVANCED/meteorites. I will not be selling them, the vendors will. Also available in Pedersen's booth will be a flyer and information on the West Coasters 2011 Rendevouis which will be in April... the same weekend as the Vegas gold show... gosh darn:wacko:

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:) The Pomona Gold Show is now history. It was well attended both days... Reno Chris and

his Dad were both manning the ICMJ booth giving out copies of the ICMJ...

The PLP was there giving out needed information

regarding the future of mining in California and elewhere... Us small miners need to support

them as they fight for us...

I was there at Pedersen's Metal Detectors Booth

and thank you those of you who pickeed up a flyer on the April West Coasters event...

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