Sudan Part 9

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We arrive in Abu Ahmed. We assist Esam in getting his little prospecting supply shop decorated with signs. People from this town were the first to start the Gold rush. This is where all of the prospectors who are working the far north gold fields buy their supplies and sell their gold. We head out late at night and end up in the middle of the desert at 2:00 am, and sleep in the car; AGAIN! It is 40 degrees and we have no blankets. We proceed to the gold fields where the gold rush started. We find it is still being worked, but the pickings can be described as slim and none. I helped an enormous amount of prospectors to get their detectors set correctly. Their settings on the GPX4500 were all over the place. Some were running in cancel, some had their signal volume turned all the way down. All were thrilled with how their Minelab detectors responded after being adjusted properly.

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I agree! Bad enough not finding gold but I asked everyone we talked to, do you have any gold that we can see and photograph. No one had found any. Or they had sent 10 little pieces off to sell a few weeks ago.

It was very disappointing. I thought I would bring back some great footage of large nuggets that were being found, but you saw the size of the stuff they were finding. They might as well have been at Gold Basin if they wanted 1 gram pieces.



I think this one was the best one as far as prospecting is concerned, nice music choices, kind of gave it an Indiana Jones/spaghetti western kind of flavor, and there was finally some gold!

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