round pan or hex pan

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Hi Frank,

Welcome to the hobby!

I'd budget the funds to education and location. (I think you mentioned a budget of < $300) Avoid a cheep coin detector.

By joining the GPPA you'll get a pan and a place to go, best of all access to folks who love to pass on their knowledge.

Finding gold with a detector is the most difficult aspect of the hobby, it takes good equipment and an understanding of how gold is deposited.

I'd save for a name brand detector thats made for hunting gold.

Oh and I like the rectangle pans :) Made by Le Trap they make a great sluice also.

Good luck and were looking forward to you sharing your finds!


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:blink: Frank, Welcome to the forum. As far as gold pans go I have many different styles. I like the gold grabber and use it mostly for seperating gold from black sand, I also like it for panning gems. I have many round pans but most of the time I use the one I got with my GPAA membership, just the right size for all around use. I use a small Garrett Finishing pan to get rid of the realy fine black sand that comes up into my sniffer bottle. A far as a detector goes if I was going to only have one under the 4 or$5000.00 range I would stay with my ML X-Terra 705. It is so easy to use and very easy to learn, and you can purchase more coils as you go as you can afford...Rob can tell you more about a 705...... good Luck...........Idaho Al :huh:
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