A couple of tiny ones with the Platypus

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Yeah, for awhile there it seemed like every time I went out I was thwarted by some technical difficulty. If it wasn't my battery, it was some weird thing with a coil. I finally did away with my old 7.3 system and went with the pocket rocket and picked up a Platypus as well.I've been using them for awhile now and can't really get off the combo because it's been a winner for me so far. I can't remember what is broken so I'll have to try my Minelab 11 DD soon. If it doesn't work, I'll probably pick up a Platypus in DD as well. I could have used a DD in certain spots today.

The mono is a really sensitive coil. It goes deep and also picks up really small targets. That tiny one was pretty deep in a small bedrock crevice and you could only hear it from one type of swing direction to start off with. I've been running without an amp lately, just trying the pocket rocket on it's own. I have an amp but I'll probably replace it with one of the newer goldscreamer units soon. I'm trying to really analyze the sound with my sound editor ears to figure out what these things really do, so for now it's just the regulator which helps.

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Hey Ted and all,

I still remember when I first received the Platypus coil from Doc for field testing. It was right after a huge rainstorm here in Arizona, so I headed to the Bradshaw range. There was one wash in particular where I always found nuggets after a good rain.

When I arrived to this wash, it had much more water than I expected. The wash was still running in places and there were bedrock pockets that were 1-2 foot deep.

Long story short, I was able to probe the Platypus coil in places I couldn't with just a "water resistant" coil and ended up finding one nugget right at 1/2 ounces and a couple of smaller ones. In all fairness, I would have found these nuggets eventually once the water dried up, but not telling if I would have came back at a later time. It came down to the right timing and having the right equipment for that place.

Hope you enjoyed.

Rob Allison

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The platypus DD, is my favorite coil on my GP3500. the mini ufo "mono" is a killer also, never used a mono platypus yet

Big Ed

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Hey Rob,

For the record, I hate digging targets in water. I still like that it's waterproof though.

I remember one time detecting a bedrock wash with running water. Grabbed a nice nug off bedrock a couple of inches under water. It was pretty easy to pinpoint because I was using the Wallaby which if I remember correctly is o.k. to stick the tip under to pinpoint. Then, I got another target that was way under water and I couldn't pinpoint it with the Wallaby. After some time I failed to recover the target because I just couldn't get it pinpointed. I grabbed it on a subsequent trip and it turned out to be a square nail. It bothered me though. If I'd have had the Platypus, I believe I could have pinpointed and recovered the target.

All that said, I'm liking the Platypus. It's big, lightweight and obviously quite sensitive. That smaller nugget was in a spot that had been detected at least 100's of times and it was really crammed down in. I think it's been sitting there for awhile just waiting.

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