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Hello All,

Besides the recent Mesa Gold Show, I've been pretty busy catching up on field instructions. Many like to see what new people are finding, especially people that are just starting out. Below are six pictures of some new Minelab customers and their finds. With any Minelab PI purchase, I will spend an entire day teaching you how to use your new metal detector. As you can see (not bragging), my customers almost always find gold.

If you're willing to spend the time, the gold is still out there to be found.

Picture 1 - Terry & Ann with their new GPX5000 metal detector.

Picture 2 - Terry's first gold nugget find here in Arizona with Rob's Detector Sales

Picture 3 - AJ from Buckeye's biggest nugget find with his GPX

Picture 4 - Dave with his new GPX4500

Picture 5 - Dave's first gold nugget!

Picture 6 - Partner and Mike S. from NE using his new Mienlab E-Trac. He is looking to purchase a GPX5000 in the very near future. Mike found his first gold nugget with my GPX5000.

More customer and their finds coming within the next day or so.

Hope you enjoyed.

Rob Allison

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