Average depth of N.Calif. Motherlode nuggets?...

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Hey Ron,

That is a great question, even though I'm here in Arizona. The depths here in Arizona can range from the surface to several foot in depth. Many are being found at shallow depths, but if you're paying attention you might find a bigger one at depth.

What detector are you using?

Rob Allison

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Is there an average depth you guys keep seeing when

searching and finding Calif. Motherlode nuggets in non-bedrock

open grassy hillside areas?...More from 0-3 inches, 3-6 inches, or 6 inches

and higher?...

They can be anywhere from surface to feet deep depending on the area. But if I had to give an average, I'd say 6 inches.

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Hi Rob...Great site and the people on here are fantastic with their writings

and photos...My brother and I just recently joined your site and appreciate

all the great threads...My brother and I both have VLF's and someday hopefully

Minelabs...He gets up to the Motherlode more than I do by a bunch, but after being

on here and seeing all the great finds, that "fever" hits one more and more...

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Yeah, but who's to say there aren't a lot more deeper just out of reach of detectors. I would say your average depth here is for detectable nuggets and that's pretty similar anywhere even though some places tend toward the deeper end and some the more shallow. Overall, given gold's specific gravity I would say there is more deep gold than shallow since it would tend to sink and settle on the bottom wherever it can.

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