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Today was my second time using a SD 2100 with a 11 inch round super gold search DD. My question is how do you pin point the target I seem to be digging big holes only to find the target off to one side. My arms are killing me after today's outing. I'm crossing my targets several times to try and narrow it down.

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DD coils are a pain to pinpoint with. You have to remember that one half of the coil is the send side and the other half is the receive. Which means that when you hear a signal, the coil may not be exactly over the target. (I don't remember which side is which, but somebody here will surely know). What I do is to move the coil back off the target to the point where I get a very slight signal, then mark the spot just beyond the front edge of the coil (pick a rock or something on or close to the spot). I then turn 90 degrees and do the same thing. If the two spots are on top of each other or close, I figure I'm fairly close and will remove the top couple of inches of soil about a foot square and swing over the area again. If I can't get the two spots to line up I try the spot marking over again.

I finally was able to afford a good mono and that pretty much solved the problem for me.


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