Question: Found pickers NOTHING else.

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My husband, daughter and I found our first picker(s) today. YAY …A total of .2 dwt. Yet,I am confused...

We took about a 1/2 of a bucket out, under a big boulder, near some round rocks, from the side of a 10 foot hillside, by the side of a road. It was mostly clay clods and about a 6 x 1 inch of moss strip. I took it home and ran it through a re-circulator and found the 3 pickers and NOTHING else. No black sand, no fine gold, no pyrite- nothing. They are not really that jagged. It looks more like placer gold. Now I am not complaining, this has been the best day ever -but I am puzzled.

Has anyone ever experienced this phenomenon before? Do to the absence of fine gold and black sand, I am thinking it is possible that maybe we found an oldtimer’s stash, that has washed down from where ever he buried his stuff. Or that everthing that was light has washed away only leaving the heavys...Those are the only explanations I could come up with. If anyone could shed some light please let me know.


PS. I know it’s not a lot of gold but being the first pickers ever I am on a natural high! Needless to say I have to go to Costco on Sunday and I can't wait to go back with my metal detector. Arghhh.. weekends fly by when you find gold.

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That's one of the mystery's in gold prospecting. You try to put all the clues together to give yourself a fighting chance and every now and then you run across some gold that shouldn't be there...Gold is where you find it, so keep it! Work on that puzzle to fill your poke up.


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Thanks you guys!!! I know they are small but, boy did my heart pump when I saw them. I am used to micro small flakes. Nothing better than something you can pick up with your fingers. :lol: Still confused but hey I'LL TAKE IT!

Here they are in an attachment. Don't laugh they are HUGE to me.

Mountain Momma


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