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It took me a few days of recouping from El Dorado and my road trip to the Dale District. We had a great time in the Dale's, but there is know place like home ground. Road Dog "Rick" made it over for a day hunt and we hit the hills in the continuing search for a new patch. No new patches, but new gold on the out-skirts of the old ones. The hunt continues for a fresh patch of fatty' of these days!!! It was a bright sunny day and I ended up with 6 nuggets to add to my new poke. Until our next hunt!




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killer gold Lucky , i wish i had time to get out to these other districts it always seems greener on the other side. thats some pretty chunky stuff with a lot of character talk with ya soon

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Nice job!

How did Buddy do?

I am in Amarillo visiting my dad and it is colder than Alaska!

I also had an interview with St of Nevada today and may have nailed a st nurse job, ??? Maybe

Great gold..I am sooo looking fwd to a new hunt!!!



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Hey lucky,... very nice nuggs

.....quick question for ya, did ya find those in the dale district or on your home turf. i live in colorado and head out to Dale a few times a year... love the area and usually alway come home with something using my trusty 4500. the dale gold gods was nice to me this last trip,...cant wait for my next trip....




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That's local above and yes, even though El Dorado and I found gold in the Dale's we left a fresh patch of gold to our other hunting partner's and we are starting to hear some nice results from the "El Dorado Patch". I love the Dale District and you seem to have a good handle on it's gold. Here's to your continued success in our hobby! Until our next hunt.


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