The GMT's analyze mode

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I was looking around for info on goldmasters and came across this post about the modified reset switch on the GM2. It was a momentary switch but users found my holding it the machine would deal with bad ground better.

I wondered if the GMT's momentary pullback trigger would do the same so I grabbed my machine and went out to my front yard. Out front I have river rock as part of my landscaping, including lots of hot rocks. So I ground balanced and detected over the rocks. Sure enough I got those long or loud annoying screams that you get over hot rocks. So I pulled the trigger back and the hot rock sounds changed to short zipps, and some of them went away completely. It also got rid of those long, annoying screams when you pull away from some hot rocks. Then I put a test nugget in with the hot rocks and detected with the trigger pulled back. The hot rocks you could hear changed to a zip sound and the nugget sounded like a really fast abrupt zip. But in that mode it's not a gradual low to higher volume "zip" like normal. You don't get the gradual buildup as the edge of the coil starts to pass over the object. It's more like a sharper instant signal when the center of the coil passes over it. But it's still as loud. Also the sound is a little more static or broken sounding, especially the faint signals but I think you could get use to identifying targets that way. I also did an air depth test and the depth isn't decreased when in analyze mode.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows technically what the machine is doing in analyze mode? It sounds almost like it's disabling all but the very center of the coil and for some reason that quiets down miniralized rocks and in some cases ignores them all together.

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