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I am very sorry to tell all, that Border Boy's brother accidently shot and killed himself today. I don't know much more than that. Justin asked that I post,and let everyone know. I hope that everyone will prey for the family. Thanks. Doug

My prayers have been offered for Justin and the family. May God bless and keep them. - Terry

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My condolences...

I pray God will help the family through this time of grief.

Paul K

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Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. As most of you know, Justin is a great Guy, and I know that he appreciates you. I am sure that you will hear from him in a coupe weeks. I will keep you informed, If I hear more. Thanks again. Doug

Prayers said and God's will be done.

Sorry to hear your loss.

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Justin, sorry for your loss, I've lost two younger brother one just a couple of years ago, and its never easy, not much in what anyone can say to make it better, you just have to beleave he is with GOD now, and take comfort in that, it will hurt for a long time, I know, but with GODS help you will make it hrough. Grubstake

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