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hello all, my dad is going to quartzite for couple days around mon, or tues. his gf aunt has a mobile home there hes gonna do some work on it. im thinking about taggin along and do some beeping.i need to know where to go for a chance to actually find a nugget. is there some open land, a day club, somewhere thats not completely pounded out. or is there somewhere close to quartzite that woud be worth a day trip to better our chances. any help would be appreciated.if you have a map or some details please let me know.i dont know much about the area.


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Hey John,

Quartzsite has always been a great place to metal detect for gold. There are a lot of old placers scattered around the Quartzsite area. As far as clubs, there are many such as the Roadrunner's Prospecting Club, GPAA and several other smaller clubs. I'm not sure about day passes or clubs, but I'm sure someone will know more updated information that will help.

I personally haven't hunted that region for several years, but at one time it was one of my favorites. I've found nuggets and specimens down around Quartzsite that have been as large as 10 ounces in weight. I know Quartzsite is an excellent place to drywash, so make sure you check out old screen piles that you might encounter along the way.

Wishing you much success out there.

P.S. You still need to get over for instructions.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Hey buddy, you can't beat the Quartzsite metal detecting club you can join at the GOLD MISER prospecting shop on hwy 95 for 20 or 25 bucks and they have some good claims easy to get to in Qzite. Have Fun. I joined in Nov. an got 2 nugs while I was there for a couple days.

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