Arizona To Seize Federal Land?

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Just read this on the Yuma Sun web site at

"Ariz. Senate OKs bill on seizing federal property

PHOENIX (AP) -- The Arizona Senate has approved a bill to give the state legal authority to go to court to take ownership of land owned by the federal government.

The Senate's 20-9 vote Monday sends the bill to the House.

Sponsored by Republican Sen. Al Melvin of Tucson, the bill is one of many states' rights measures being considered by the Republican-led Legislature.

Under the bill, the state could use the power of eminent domain to acquire federal property unless it was acquired by the federal government with the Legislature's consent.

The land taken through eminent domain would have to be used for a public use that increases the state's ability to generate revenue or helps the state's trust land system.

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Yep and Pima County is going to become it's own state....

States can pass alot of laws, some good and some just plain dumb but the Feds don't have to recognize a state law that contradicts a federal law. I guess on this we should hope more lands stay federal as we can't hunt on State Trust land right?

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