Recommendations for Weaver Mining District

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Hello all,

Heading up to Weaver Mining District this weekend and was wondering if any of you had any good

spots to suggest for metal detecting nugget hunting!

I have no problem climbing remote and hard to access area's...and am willing to go the distance if need be!

Thanks in advance,

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Head out down to the flats below the Octave Cemetery...But do watch out for rattlers in the prickly pear patches ...Today, March 1, was traditional "Snake Day" but colder than normal...But it only takes a day or two of warmer weather to bring them out and that seems what is projected for the next week or so...I climbed a couple mountains today and explored some real rocky, snakey areas south facing without incident, but I'm certain we are just a couple days away from the real "snake day"...Cheers, Unc

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Hey hike4gold,

Uncle Ron gave some great advice. The lower flats have produced some very nice nuggets and specimens and continue to produce.

I seen a snake out last weekend after the snow ..... I was shocked, but it was lying out in the Sun.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Thanks Uncle Ron and Rob!

I actually headed up yesterday with my buddy...weekend was not going to be possible.

Spent the first 3 hours or so at the apex luck there :(

Then tried to take the jeep trail to one of there new claims around box canyon. to say the least,

being our first time out there, it was a little harder than i thought navigating those trails

and mountains! So we never made it to the new claims, but we brought home about 10, 5 gallon buckets of dirt

that we classified on the side of a wash. going to run it through the dry wash later today and do some panning.

Next time up there we will have to go search the flats of the cemetary to find some of those nuggets.

I really want to learn how to see the terrain with a trained eye. Finding gold is probably a fine mix of experience, proper equipment,

education, and luck! Not sure what percentage each represents and would love to hear what you guys think as to which one is the most important of those or

maybe something else that i did not mention??? Having fun not listed cause it goes without saying...

Thanks again Uncle Ron and Rob for the guidance and openness to share a good spot for nuggethunting!!!

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I just got back from a trip to some private claims on rich hill, I would recomend joining roadrunners or weaver clubs(nice claims) because almost all land is private with caretakers. Even the remote areas are private around the hill also get the footprints maps so you know where you stand.

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