Question for you Prospecting Guru's and Intro from a Newbie

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Hello All,

I joined the site a few weeks back and have been lurking try'n to recon the lay o the land and thought it seemed time to say hello to all of you. I have been panning off and on since I was a kid living in the Reno area (live on both sides of the CA/NV border) but never found much more than a few grains as a kid since I didn't know what I was doing. Recently looking for a new hobby to replace horseback riding since the Dr said not to do it anymore I decided to start back into prospecting again and have been reading a lot, panned out a few grams of gold dust and flake from some sand out of the Hassayampa which I live on and the bug hit me. Now I have a Gold bug detector I picked up at the SHOT show a couple weeks ago and have been swinging away with it around the Belmont and Saddleback Mountains (which are just a couple of miles from my home in Tonopah) and have gotten great at finding bullets and pieces of old aluminum cans. I joined the weaver district based on what I heard about them here and in other forums, but can see that shortly the temps will drive me out of their claims to higher country and I'm researching other clubs to join. Which brings me to my question...

Which club would be better for high country prospecting in the central Arizona area, Roadrunners, GPAA, Miners Creek, or other? I've liked what I've seen about the GPAA price wise, but have heard many of their claims ain't great for nugget hunting. Roadrunners sounds good but I'm unsure if they have enough claims to make them worthwhile.Miners Creek follows the same issues about claim numbers, though they do have some claims really close to home in the Vulture Mountains.

What is your thoughts ol wise sages....... :)

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