First 6 Months of Nugget Hunting

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A total of 138 nuggets from 4 different patches weighing 12.130 ozt.....

Most of the pieces were found by the Coiltek 14X9 mono that Rob recommended..

I ordered a 18" round mono today...there has got to be a few more a little deeper.

Thanks for looking!


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well thats alot better than my first year, great job on the virgin patches. I think you probably earned rookie of the year with that poke, keep it up hopefully many more pounds to come ;)

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  • Admin

Hey Local Digger,

Very nice nugget collection for a years worth of time. Thanks once again for the order and continued support. Wishing you much luck with the larger coil and hope you're able to find a biggie down deeper.

Keep us updated.

Rob Allison

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