doc's screamer's

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Hey y'all,

What is the progression of the models of the Screamers.....I see the AU Detac and the Black with white letters......

I tried to call you today Doc, but found you take off today.....if you read this, please respond....



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  • Admin

Hey Paul,

Great seeing you this weekend. The Detacc was the first version, but the Goldscreamer Signal Enhancer is the new and revised edition made specifically for Doc. It's a great unit, much beter than the Detacc in my opinion. The Goldscreamer is available for the Minelab SD/GP or GPX4000. The price is $124.95 and I always have them in stock.

I'm sure Doc will see this and post more details.

Rob Allison

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  • 3 weeks later...

I've used Doc's screamer on my GP Extreme for several years then switched it over to my then new GP3000 and now have it on

my GPX 4000....."don't leave home without it"....

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