"Any of you boys smithies?"

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I'm a lucky guy and life is good :D

Got a lovely lady and we are getting married in June. That's a little sooner then I had planned but it's all good and FYI we are not PG.

Anyhow we both think it would be very cool if I had our wedding bands made out of Arizona gold I recover.

So......"any of you boys smithies? Or if not smithies per se, were you otherwised trained in the metallurgic arts?"

How much weight do you think I would need for two rings - the ladies would be "white" and the mans yellow.

Thanks for any tips.

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YOUR best bet would be to P.M. Eldorado on this or any gold forum, he is a very creative and reasonablly priced goldsmith.

I just looked up his website for you here it is.


He is in Calif. and TRUSTWORTHY. I sent him some gold and he did a pair of earrings for my other half. Many people from the forums have dealt with him.

Congratulations on tying the knot an good luck.

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Just as Frank C. said. I have dealt with Steve on several jewelry items. He has always been honest and trustworthy from day one. He is creative and can make just about anything you request. He is now smelting placer gold for use as the base metal for anything you want made. This means that if he makes you a ring, 100% of the ring can be made utilizing YOUR gold that you found. To me, that makes it so much more special and meaningful. Try finding another jeweler that will do that. It is hard to find. I'll post a couple pictures of things he has made for me recently. You name it and he can make it. Just don't wait too long, I think he is pretty busy!





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I have been in the Man Cave......and Steve is the MAN !



PS I already asked him to make mine and i dont even have a clue who is going to get the other one yet>... :rolleyes:

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Having your sweetie's wedding ring made from gold you found makes it a gillion percent more special...The wedding ring I gave Dodacious was made from fines I had dredged up in Sugar Creek....Pix later... But you've gotta have a pro smelt it, like ElD...The first one cracked after a couple years... Can't get no closer to the heart than a wedding ring from the gold you found with passion and love ... Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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