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I thought I would share a solution I discovered for myself with a all around metal detecting pick.

I have a variety of picks I own, each has it's own application. I have a Hodan 36" walking stick, I like the

length of the handle and weight of the pick for river/rocky landscape. However it is limited in it's ability to

move material, I did buy the shovel head attchement and is improved.

I also have a Talon Apex pick with the three magnets and large pick head, it moves material quickly, excellent for harder ground

and digging big holes. The draw back is the weight for carrying all day and length of handle as a walking stick. I know I could

buy an Apex extreme and have the longer handle but adds more weight. (I'm an old guy)

I also have a Apex Badger Lt with the 18" handle, works great in tight areas and has a single magnet and can move material at a good rate.

Still was missing a good all around pick that I could use all day, use as a walking stick but could move material quickly.

My solution came after calling Apex and asking if they could put a 36" handle on a Badger LT, to my surprise they said no problem they just could

not warranty the pick as the handle could supply enough leverage if prying hard to damage it. I've been out with it several times now and have found the pick that works the best for me. I know everyone probably has their own favorite, I just thought I would share my experience. Miner49

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