Love my 5000

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Hey Daniel

Glad to see your doing great with the 5000!!

Also nice to put a face with the name. If your

ever out this way send a PM.

Best Regards


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Way to go Danial,It looks like you were at DIV 17. I was there also and did 16 & 17 and a dig over at Ceder Mountain. Got some great 69's over there. Both of the DIV digs were good for me. I'm very pleased with all the relics I got. I got a U.S. puppy paw in perfect condition and lots of nice buttons. My old beat up 4500 didn't even know the dirt was hot. It just kept sniffing out the goodies. I'm not back in Arizona yet. I have been doing Civil War sites on this trip for six weeks now. Spent a full week at Gettysburg and walked just about every inch of it. Wished I'd known you were at DIV we could have hooked up for a day over on Cedar Mountain. Your 5000 would have made you very happy over there. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Franklin,TN. To walk that battlefield one more time. When I get home I'll email you and talk DIV.

P.S. Nice group of ring-tails you have there. You did good my friend.

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