Placerities NV

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Has anyone prospected in Placerities NV? If so any tips on camping anything to watch out for? (I carry big guns so that should not be an issuea)

Definately have 4WD as the roads get very slick when wet. Also, there is no cell service in Placerites. You will have to go almost to Lovelock or Imlay Pass to call out, unless you have satellite service. With good weather there isn't much of an issue other than the area has been hunted a lot.

Good luck,

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Thanks guys, I do have a Expedition 4X4...I now carry a SPOT GPS Messenger

to check in and in case I get in trouble -"send the mounties" -

I also have checked claims on the BLM's LR2000 and did see some,

I always respect claims, but it does give you an idea whereabouts

people are finding gold.....or at least think there is gold. :)

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