New guy from Dodge City.

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New guy here, from Dodge City, KS. For several years now I've been using a Whites Spectrum XLT mainly because I'm close to old west historical sites and old Fort Dodge. I've found many old rifle shells 45-70's and a couple of old military buttons and a lot of coins, mostly clad here in Dodge.

A few years ago I started gold prospecting in Colorado. I have plenty of equipment and I really enjoy it. I know my XLT is not suited well for gold nugget hunting and I can't really afford a new detector right now so....what adjustments do I need to make, if any, in the "prospecting mode" to make my detector more sensitive to gold?

Thanks....I'm also looking for a prospecting partner for this July if anyone is interested....

I'm going to be in Colorado for a week this July 16th-23rd. and I'm looking for someone to partner with. I have a spot picked-out. I have the Highbanker and all the equipment we'll need. However, if you do have equipment you can bring it also. (including metal detectors) Since I got a new highbanker this last year...I'll take care of the permit needed to highbank also. We may need a few extra 5 gal. buckets. You'll need to bring your own camping equipment and food, but I do have a two burner stove. I have a friend and his wife who plan on meeting me there, but they are only going to stay for maybe two days.

My brother (maybe his wife and daughter) might meet me there also, depends on his job. They don't know yet.

I just thought it would be easier to move more material with 2-3 guys taking turns filling 5 gal. buckets. There will be some digg'in required but I've always thought making new friends is a great way to live life.

The place we'd be going is Cache Creek (it's on BLM land). No fee for camping and there are port-a-potties on site.

Here are a few pics from last year's trip.

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Howdy Mike, and welcome from Washington State.



Minelab X-Terra 70, 5"x10" & 6" 18.75 kHz coils

Old age and treachery shall overcome youth and skill.

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